The Band

Dean Totten

// vocals/trumpet/guitar

Deano's played in a number of Sydney outfits as a trumpet player in the 90's and fronted Sydney based bands and The Cover Up for over 15 years. Deano can turn the dullest party into a sweaty, singin mess in no time.

Rob McKay

// drums/good looks


Too long and distinguished to write it all but "Pump" has played with the best, supported some awesome acts and discovered some real beauties. Pump is never short of something to say, always on for a chat, especially if it gets him out of packing up his own gear.

Jeff Chapman

// bass/vocals


More seasoned than KFC, Jeff started playing bass in 1978. From a Led Zep covers band to blues and roots and even an improvised jazz/funk quartet, Jeff plays, teaches, builds, repairs and restores basses full time. Livin' the dream? "You bet, and The Cover up is the icing on the cake!"

Nathan Bollock

// guitar/vocals


He's got the looks and the licks! Nathan has spent his time posing as Slash in the Australian Guns and Roses show, and impersonated the greats of grunge in Seattle Sound and all with a killer guitar solo face.

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